Terms of Service

Doxd KYC certification does not imply or guarantee the legitimacy or safety of any project or company. The actions of the project after KYC verification is out of our control. Do your own research and invest at your own risk. Assure does not accept responsibility for any losses acquired from investing in projects who have gained KYC certification.

Doxd is an impartial service. We simply take and securely store the identity information of individuals taking responsibility for a project. Assure will never make judgement calls about suspected criminal activity.

In the event of a suspected financial crime having taken place, we are happy to provide the nationality of the KYC’d party to anyone wishing to report it to the authorities. We will authorise the release of identity information we store on a KYC’d party on receipt of a warrant and will assist the authorities in any way we can in helping to gain a conviction.